Ranking the Jurassic Park Scores Piece by Piece

Another franchise, another perfect opportunity to look at my favorite music tracks. Seeing how the Harry Potter post was so successful, I did one for Star Wars (check that out if you haven’t) and now one for our favorite fictional dinosaur theme park. I’ll rank pieces through all four movies. Like the Potter rankings, the main theme won’t be here because it’s perfect. Variations are fair game and honorable mentions are first.

Bury the Hatchling, Jurassic World (Michael Giacchino)

Alan and Ellie/Alan Goes, Jurassic Park III (Don Davis)

My Friend, the Brachiosaurus, Jurassic Park (John Williams)

Now onto the main list!

Tree People, Jurassic Park III (Don Davis)– Probably my favorite theme from JPark III, Davis wrote a very Williams-esque piece. This little tune represents the idea of Jurassic Park in a nutshell: wonder, adventure and dinosaurs.

Nine to Survival Job, Jurassic World (Michael Giacchino)– What does the end of a Jurassic Park- based movie sound like? Something like this. It starts soft with a couple great riffs and builds until a triumphant explosion of notes. A perfect way to end the movie.

Opening Titles, Jurassic Park (John Williams)– The first music you hear sets the mood. Williams’ first track does that right away. As soon as we hear those drums we know what we’re in for.

The Lost World, The Lost World: Jurassic Park (John Williams)– A good complement to the first movie, Williams’ main theme for The Lost World may not be as memorable or as classic but it gets the job done. Its more of a Velociraptor theme to me.

As the Jurassic World Turns, Jurassic World (Michael Giacchino)– This was one of the first pieces of Jurassic World‘s score made public. The second I heard it I knew Giacchino would turn out a good score. It’s a great alternate to Williams’ themes and blends the old and new together, much like the park does in the movie.

Journey to the Island, Jurassic Park (John Williams)– Whenever I read the Jurassic Park novel, parts of this piece play in my head. Williams sets the tone perfectly and gives future composers the template. Oh, and that theme. That annoying yet amazing theme.

A Tree for My Bed, Jurassic Park (John Williams)– My second-favorite version of the main theme. It screams innocence, childhood wonder and dinosaurs, of course. There’s also something about the piano that makes it feel timeless.

Welcome to Jurassic World, Jurassic World (Michael Giacchino)– Leading up to the release of the Jurassic World soundtrack, I was worried. Would Giacchino put the theme in? How would he? When would he? The instant I found a free playlist, I started listening. This track played. And, the geek I am, I almost cried. It’s about as close to perfection as you can get.


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