Brian Tyler’s been interesting. Sometimes he demonstrates flashes of creativity, other times he becomes subject to the generic tunes of action movies of the past five years or so. His score to Power Rangers falls into the latter.

Our main theme has no callbacks to the classic Power Rangers theme (it shows up in the credits) and rides the generic bus instead. Things only get more generic and boring as we go along. Zordon’s reveal is nothing more than fast strings and synths. Most of the action cues follow along, using the same string melodies and drawn-out horns we’ve heard for ages.

“Goldar” is perhaps the worst offender to ‘generic score land’. It includes Batman v Superman‘s rejects and synth that was probably put there to sound cool. Instead it sounds forced. The start of “Confessions” is a weak attempt to replicate the main theme from The Martian. Several other cues sound like they belong in Transformers.

It’s when Tyler backs off that tracks become more interesting. “Be Who You Want to Be” is a more subtle tune until it goes full action; the same goes for “United”. The change doesn’t ruin both songs but they make them disappointing. “Trespassing” is the most unique piece, using synth and drum patterns instead of the monotonous strings. The end of “Confessions” is surprisingly good as well.

Troubles rise again with the synths. I usually find synths to be a welcome and catchy part of any score unless they’re overused or not used in the right way. Tyler overuses them here. He tries to compensate for his lack of original cues by adding loud synths to numerous tracks. This is what Tron: Legacy‘s score might have sounded like had anyone but Daft Punk composed it. Nice idea, Mr. Tyler, but it doesn’t work. Your score still lacks any impact.

That’s my biggest problem. The score leaves you with no impact. You remember good film scores and the best ones leave you with an emotional pull. Power Rangers, despite attempts to sound interesting, can’t do either. If you inserted this score into any number of action movies you might not notice a difference. While not the very worst score I’ve heard, this is up there. It’s a waste of potential and is by far the most recycled and dull score I’ve listened to.




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