Batmobiles from the movies- Ranked

It’s not easy ranking these cars. We have so many rankings it’s hard to figure out which ones to leave out and which to put last or first. Every Batman fan has their opinion. Here’s mine. I’ll rank all the Batmobiles from the theatrically released movies. This will not include the serials from the 1940s and The Killing Joke. Position will be worst to first with each car ranked based on their screen time, screen prescense, use, design, lasting appeal, you get the idea.

Batman and Robin Batmobile– This car was a toy. I don’t care what production designer Barbara Ling said. Sure, it might’ve been inspired by old roadster designs and I have no problem with that. What bothers me is how over-the-top it is. Why does it have a disco ball, flashy colors and no weapons? To top it off, it’s hardly used and when used isn’t even effective!

Batman: Mask of the Phantasm Batmobile– I don’t hate this design. In The Animated Series this car appeared more frequently and had plenty of moments. Here, it’s used as transportation and nothing more. So unfortunately I have to put it low on the list.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Batmobile– I’ve never been a fan of this car. In a way it looks neat, but then it looks stupid. Guess it depends on the angle. The gadgets are great except the machine guns on the hood. It’s not the worst Batmobile, just a bit too different for me.

The Lego Batman Movie Batmobile– LEGO’s already made several Batmobiles for sets and they’re all based on or are direct interpretations of various movie cars. Their latest version mashes together several decades of Batmobile history into one. It looks okay but not as good as some past designs. Used mostly for transportation it’s not the best but not the worst. Bonus points for it being able to change into the Batwing.

Batman Forever Batmobile– For a long time I thought this car looked ridiculous with the blue neon. Shark on wheels, anybody? Then I began to pick up on things: the sleek design, the almost alien-like exterior, a overly large yet cool fin. When displayed without blue neon this car looks pretty cool. It has a similar design to the 1989 car, almost an evolution of sorts. I ended up liking it and now have a small model.

The 1960’s Batmobile– A trend-setter. Adam West’s Batmobile may not have been the fastest or the most practical, but it made up for it in looks and gadgets. This car had almost every unique gizmo you could think of. The Ford Futura base gave way for bat-like wings and a classic red-striped color scheme.

The Tumbler– The first Batmobile I ever saw on the big screen, pre-teen me thought it was awesome. It still is. Probably the most durable Batmobile to date, the Tumbler withstood everything that was in front of it. It also had the Batpod! I have a model of this sitting with the Forever car.

The 1989 Batmobile– All black? Check. Full of gadgets? Check. Bat wings? Check. Powered by rocket motor? Check. This is, for my money, the Batmobile. It’s scary and intimidating without trying to be so. Can you imagine seeing this thing emerge from the darkness? Until someone makes a more timeless design I don’t know what’ll top it. And I have a model of it too.


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