Some of my Guilty Pleasure Movies

I consider myself a reviewer/critic but I’m sure even well-known critics have guilty pleasure movies, the ones that we know are bad/sub-par/not good but we don’t care. Here are a few of mine. Feel free to put your favorites in the comments.

Batman Forever (1995)– I’ll start with the most recent guilty pleasure. Saw this once, didn’t like it. Saw it again, liked it a little more. Saw it a third time, liked it even more. I know this movie’s dated. By gosh, is it dated! Yet there’s something about how overblown and cheesy it is that makes it a good watch. Its also one of the only true “popcorn” Batman movies we’ve ever had. Who cares about the story? Just turn your brain off!

Star Trek: Nemesis (2002)– The amount of action scenes may ward off some Trek fans, I get it. Star Trek is a more thinking franchise than Star Wars. Yet this movie has a passable plot, features some great action scenes with the Enterprise, solid acting, and good music. To top it off, this film introduced us to Tom Hardy. I think we’re all glad it did.

300 (2006)– Unless something changes down the road this movie will be Gerard Butler’s career highlight. And there’s nothing wrong with that. He’s probably the best thing about the movie, second only to Tyler Bates’ controversial guitar-laden score and Zack Snyder’s excellent visuals. My favorite Synder film to date, 300 is the very definition of a mindless action movie. In that respect it’s successful and then some.

Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus (2009)–  I consider this to be the first real ‘B-Movie’ I saw. And as my post “Looking at Some B-Movies” proves, this is my favorite. It’s worthy of that title because I never saw something so bad yet so enjoyable before. Also, the scene where the shark jumps up and destroys the airplane in one gulp remains one of the best scenes in any Asylum production to date.

The Star Wars prequels (1999-2005)– Let’s face it: these are not good movies- with the possible exception of Episode III. I think the Internet’s to blame for much of the prequel-hating. Time hasn’t done these movies favors either. Despite that I still enjoy watching them. At their essence all three are Star Wars movies and that’s good enough for me.

Transformers (2007)– I’m putting this here just to be safe. Although every film after it is despised by…just about every movie critic (professional or not), many agree this movie wasn’t as bad. I think its down to the fact that it was the first one! We didn’t know Bay and Co. would make three four movies just like it. If we’d known that, this movie probably wouldn’t exist.


2 thoughts on “Some of my Guilty Pleasure Movies

  1. My guilty pleasure movies have to include all of the James Bond movies starring Sean Connery and all of the western themed movies starring Clint Eastwood. Of course, this is a sign of my age having come of age in the 60″s and 70’s. Bonus: guilty pleasure TV shows – M*A*S*H and the early Andy Griffith shows.


  2. Makes me smile to remember the momentous occasion when we saw Megashark together. I too loved the airplane scene and the one where it crunched the Golden Gate Bridge. It was a memorable day also because we watched it with Grandada. He loved it too.


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