My Game 7 Memories

First and foremost: big congratulations to the Chicago Cubs!! Further congrats to the Cleveland Indians, who almost won the series multiple times and made Game 7 the masterpiece it was.

I have a rule about my sleep schedule: never stay up past midnight unless there’s a really important reason to. That being said…this Game 7, not even 24 hours old now, was something very important. Something history-defining. I was able to watch the first four and a half innings live before I trekked back to my dorm. From there I kept up with the score through various sports websites and even Twitter’s website. The latter is something I rarely utilize.

During the ninth inning, my thoughts ran wild as I read and watched updates and numbers. It looked like the Cubs had blown it. By the time midnight approached, I started reading Tweets about rain. Past experiences have taught me rain at baseball games isn’t good. After a couple minutes with the game officially delayed, I decided to go to sleep. It’ll be finished tomorrow, I thought.

Not five minutes or so later, I inexplicably woke back up. Something just told me to take one more look at the game. After my laptop fired back to life, I saw it was 8-6, Cubs, in the 10th. Problem was, the online game center I was watching was a little behind. On Twitter, people were saying it was the greatest baseball game they’d ever seen. Even though I wasn’t watching a live broadcast feed, I had to agree. Just about everything had happened up to that point. It couldn’t get any more crazy, right?

Well, it almost did. One page refresh later and the score was 8-7, Cubs, bottom 10th. My nerves started firing up, something that usually happens only during close Carolina Panthers games. A few minutes passed as the ‘out’ counter on my screen stayed at 2, while the ‘strike’ and ‘ball’ counters flashed one dot apiece. Then, the screen read something to the extent of “(insert last name of batter here) out.” The ‘out’ counter displayed 3 red dots. Ballgame.

I broke into a huge grin, refreshing webpage after page, trying to confirm if the game was indeed over. Finally, I saw something that said “final.” I didn’t go as nuts as over half the city of Chicago did, but I did start saying things like “it happened!”. It was around 10 till 1 AM when I fell back asleep.

Watching people’s videos and reading news articles this morning, its surreal. A baseball game that featured nearly everything any sports fan could ask for, a 108-year-old drought being put to rest, and the Cubs, the longtime “laughable losers” of baseball, winning a World Series?! Yes, it all happened!

The Cubs are World Series champions!



One thought on “My Game 7 Memories

  1. Jeff and Cindy Parsons

    What a great game, World Series and moment in sports history!! Glad you were able to see it happen. Thanks for sharing your perspective!!


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