My Favorite Movie Trailers

We all have our favorite trailers, the ones we go back and watch over and over even though we’ve seen the movie multiple times already. The best trailers are the ones that make the viewer get goose bumps, building the hype to a movie- released years prior. Although there are plenty of “meh”or  downright bad trailers, these are the ones I’ve remembered and watched over and over again for years.

300300 remains my favorite Zack Snyder film to date and this trailer is one reason I watched it anyway. It featured splendid editing and plenty of classic one-liners from Gerard Butler as King Leonidas. Perhaps the best part is the background music, provided by rock band Nine Inch Nails.

Terminator: Salvation– This trailer knows what its audience wants and gives it in full force. Enormous robots? Check. Terminators? Check. Nine Inch Nails in the background? Check. Theme song? Check. Its mentioned on similar lists as one of the better trailers around and I agree.

2001: A Space Odyssey (2014 re-release)– A few years back, the British Film Institute re-released the classic 2001 onto UK screens. With that re-release came this short trailer. It conveys the cultural impact of the film while adding in that classic score at just the right time. If Kubrick made a trailer for it today, this would probably be close to what he’d make.

Suicide Squad (all trailers)– When we look back in a few years and ask what the best marketing campaigns of recent memory were, Suicide Squad will probably be among those mentioned. These trailers helped shape the tone of the movie, which trailer-making company Trailer Park happily obliged to help with. From the dark first comic-con trailer in 2015 to the final trailer that was really just a glorified soundtrack promo (but who cared?), all of these trailers are a lot of crazy fun.

The Martian (Trailer 1)– A trailer’s number one job is to make people go see the movie. In the case of this trailer, it made me first buy the book and then go see the movie. I wasn’t disappointed with either decision.

Iron Man (Trailer 1)– This introduced me to both Marvel comics and Iron Man himself. It also helped with my several-years-too-late discovery of comic books.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows– Back when I was a huge Potter fan, this trailer shocked me: a two-part adaptation?! I’d never heard of such a thing, and while they could’ve squished it into one part, I’m glad they took the time to throw practically everything from the book into the films.

Alien– One of the scariest sci-fi movies ever deserves to have an equally unsettling trailer. Before I watched the film, this trailer was my primary means of getting the Alien atmosphere down. And the film turned out even more unsettling and scarier than the trailer!

The Dark Knight (trailer 1)-This is the first Batman film I ever saw in a theater. Already a fan of the character, this trailer got me very excited, especially for the Tumbler (I even wore a Batman cape to the theater back when you could do that). Although it took me a while to fully appreciate how great the movie was, the trailer remains one of my favorites.

Transformers (teaser trailer)– In 2006, I had no idea what Transformers were. I didn’t even know they existed. Then this teaser flashed onto the big screen. When it ended, I’m pretty sure I said something like: “I want to see that movie.” My pre-teen expectations were met and then some.

The Lego Movie (teaser)– One day I went online to do something or another and I saw a trailer for a film called “The Lego Movie.” Intrigued, being the huge LEGO fan I am, I pulled it up. Geeking-out ensued. I had almost the same reaction for the trailers to The Lego Batman Movie.

Maleficent (“Once Upon a Dream” trailer)– If only the movie lived up to this trailer. I remember being shocked at the mature tone of it. A dark tale of the origins of one of Disney’s greatest villains! And then the screenplay ruined everything. Maybe one day someone will make a proper Maleficent movie.


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