Scare Factor? The State of Horror Films

Horror movies. What image comes into your head first? For me it would probably be either a masked guy with a giant sword or some sort of strange monster-being that terrorizes an individual/family. Horror, like any film genre, has had its changes to make it what it is today. And what horror genre is today is extremely problematic.

It’s pretty much all a wide collection of jumpscares, loud music, screaming, and too much emphasis on ‘scary monster-like things’. As I mentioned in my commentary on film trailers, turning off the sound on a horror film is a good idea to help gauge whether what you’re watching is scary or not. The soundtrack, as I’ve found out, plays too much of a role in trying to scare you and not the visuals. Hey filmmakers, movies are on a screen, you know! There’s a delicate balance between screen and sound and right now the scales are swung in sound’s favor!

In order to make horror movies scary again, how about applying more time to scaring us visually rather than through audio. We’ve all seen stuff that’s creeped us out before, with or without sound. Using that approach to a horror film, any horror film for that matter, might make me and a few other people more intrigued to see one.


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