SOUNDTRACK REVIEW- Captain America: Civil War

Henry Jackman surprised me. Whether that’s in a good way I’m still not sure. Considering what he did the last time he took composing reigns over Marvel’s iconic character, I wasn’t expecting much this time around. However, he must’ve heard everyone who said his score stunk on Winter Solider, so he turned a complete 180. Instead of overdoing on synth, he overdoes the patriotic horns and Alan Silvestri-esque themes. What we end up with is something that sounds similar to Brian Tyler’s work on past Marvel films as well as Silvestri’s. Not that it’s bad, but…I wish I could love it.

The majority of the score’s full of patriotic-sounding motifs and drums usually found in a Patrick Doyle composition. Hints of The Avengers theme are tacked onto the end credits song. A slow, sad tune plays underneath all the noise. Brass, strings, and choir are all fully present. All of this should make me smile, and yet…

I cannot tell it was composed by Jackman, which is my major problem. This could’ve been a collaboration between Doyle, Silvestri, and Tyler, or any one of those three separately. Jackman’s trying too hard to prove he can compose a “Marvel score”. Funny enough, its almost exactly what he did with the last film: he tried too hard to make something different from the “Marvel score” and it flopped.

The whirring strings, the loud brass, the obligatory BWAHHH’s- we’ve all heard them before a hundred times over. If Jackman really wanted to surprise us, perhaps add a little bit of what made his Winter Solider work so distinctive back into this just to give us an indication of who composed this thing. Oh wait, he did- for about half a track where the music actually sounds distinctive and original! However, one decent half- track isn’t going to balance out the whole and such is the case with this score.

Captain America: Civil War isn’t a bad score but, save for rare brief flashes of originality, is a shockingly generic superhero film score. It’s better than Winter Solider, but against all the other scores in the MCU it can’t find or hold it’s own distinct voice.



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