SOUNDTRACK REVIEW- Captain America: Civil War

Henry Jackman surprised me. Whether that’s in a good way I’m still not sure. Considering what he did the last time he took composing reigns over Marvel’s iconic character, I wasn’t expecting much this time around. However, he must’ve heard everyone who said his score stunk on Winter Solider, so he turned a complete 180. Instead of overdoing on synth, he overdoes the patriotic horns and Alan Silvestri-esque themes. What we end up with is something that sounds similar to Brian Tyler’s work on past Marvel films as well as Silvestri’s. Not that it’s bad, but…I wish I could love it.

The majority of the score’s full of patriotic-sounding motifs and drums usually found in a Patrick Doyle composition. Hints of The Avengers theme are tacked onto the end credits song. A slow, sad tune plays underneath all the noise. Brass, strings, and choir are all fully present. All of this should make me smile, and yet…

I cannot tell it was composed by Jackman, which is my major problem. This could’ve been a collaboration between Doyle, Silvestri, and Tyler, or any one of those three separately. Jackman’s trying too hard to prove he can compose a “Marvel score”. Funny enough, its almost exactly what he did with the last film: he tried too hard to make something different from the “Marvel score” and it flopped.

The whirring strings, the loud brass, the obligatory BWAHHH’s- we’ve all heard them before a hundred times over. If Jackman really wanted to surprise us, perhaps add a little bit of what made his Winter Solider work so distinctive back into this just to give us an indication of who composed this thing. Oh wait, he did- for about half a track where the music actually sounds distinctive and original! However, one decent half- track isn’t going to balance out the whole and such is the case with this score.

Captain America: Civil War isn’t a bad score but, save for rare brief flashes of originality, is a shockingly generic superhero film score. It’s better than Winter Solider, but against all the other scores in the MCU it can’t find or hold it’s own distinct voice.



One thought on “SOUNDTRACK REVIEW- Captain America: Civil War

  1. Just finished watching the film Civil War and really enjoyed the score. I would have liked Jackman to expand on the motifs but nevertheless, it holds my interest. As for Winter Soldier, I thought the score was fantastic so much so that I looked for and came across the site and was able to listen to the full nine minute theme and found it awesome that now it’s embedded in my iPod. I checked the reviews of Winter Soldier and surprised that critics didn’t like but interestingly enough, the audience/fans do. Thanks goodness for that,


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