Going to a Hornets Game- Last Night

To start off, the NBA isn’t my favorite sports league, if I made a ranking I’d put it in the middle, in front of the MLB, NHL, and tennis. However, I wasn’t complaining to have the opportunity to watch our local team, the Hornets, play basketball last night. I even got a cool retro Hornets t-shirt before the game (the first piece of NBA merchandise I’ve ever owned)!

And then there was the game itself. When you’re down by 21 points at the end of the first quarter (NBA games run in 4, 12-minute quarters) and only score seven, you start thinking: will this be an historic new low by the end of this one? Will the Hornets even score 30 points total?

The Hornets beat the San Antonio Spurs 91-88. The final few minutes were hectic, as the lead kept going back and forth, the 25% of Spurs fans at the game doing their best to make noise- but were overshadowed by the 75% of Hornets fans. Still, the noise wasn’t deafening- save for the PA speakers- and sitting in the upper deck wasn’t too bad, as it gave us a TV-style vantage point. At the end of the game, I was screaming in delight, something I hadn’t done since watching the Panthers make the playoffs last January.

What a game, and the fans- although the arena wasn’t at full capacity- made it all the more enjoyable. Am I a Hornets fan? I’m more of one than I was about three years ago.


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